Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about cannabis edibles, tinctures, and topicals.
Also, find out how to start a wholesale partnership with Dr. May.

Is your product certified organic?

Not yet. Currently, in the cannabis industry, no product can be certified organic under the current regulations. Rest easy though, Dr. May uses certified organic non-cannabis ingredients in all products.

Is your oil full spectrum?

The short answer is ‘no’. We use an ultra-distilled cannabis oil in all of our products. This oil has had about 90% of the terpene profile removed leaving it flavorless, odorless and consistent from batch to batch. Our oil formulations focus on the cannabinoid profile and not the terpene profile. A full spectrum oil contains the full terpene profile along with the cannabinoids. Many brands use the term Full Spectrum incorrectly which adds to confusion in the industry.

Sublingual vs Ingestible Products

Sublingual products, such as tinctures and hard lozenges, held under the tongue for 30 seconds or as the lozenges dissolve in your mouth, will take effect in approximately 15-20 minutes lasting 5-7 hours. Sublingual administration allows for the cannabinoids to avoid processing and metabolizing through your digestive system, as they are directly absorbed into your bloodstream allowing for a more accurate, consistent and rapid effect.

Ingestible products, such as gummies, cookies, and chocolate bars, can take 1-2 hours or longer to take effect as they have to process through your digestive system. Effects of ingestible cannabis products are long lasting; typically last approximately 8-9 hours. Cannabinoids are metabolized as they go through the digestive system and can change the effects based on your individual body chemistry and bioavailability. Unhealthy guts can have trouble absorbing medications and those individuals may find that sublingual methods of consumption are more effective.

Transdermal vs non transdermal topical application

Transdermal topicals are able to penetrate through all layers of your skin and into your bloodstream. Transdermal topicals that contain THC can have mild psychoactive effects.

Non-transdermal topicals are not able to penetrate through your body’s skin layers and into your bloodstream. This allows a consumer to apply the topical to desired areas multiple times daily for continuous effects. Topicals are most commonly used for isolated topical relief from pain and inflammation. All Dr. May topicals are non-transdermal and can be reapplyed as needed throughout your day for continuous pain relief with a clear mind. 

Why are Dr. May tinctures more expensive than some other brands?
We try to keep our prices as low as possible and competitive in the current market. Organic ingredients and high potency cannabis oil are higher priced ingredients. We are continuously searching for high quality low cost ingredients to keep our prices low.
Can I take your products out of state?
It is against federal law to transport cannabis products across state lines whether by car, plane train, etc.
What temperature should I cook with when using the tincture?
Keep your oven temperature under 350 Fahrenheit- the less baking time the better.
Are the Dr. May hearts a gummy candy?
Our vegan and gluten free hearts are a hard lozenge not a chewable gummy. You receive the cannabinoids sublingually and buccally (in the cheek) while the heart lozenge dissolves in your mouth. Typically consumers will feel the effects in 15-20 minutes, lasting 5-7 hours.
Are any of your products pet friendly?

Many customers use our Focus Formula 20:1 CBD:THC tincture for pets. The most common ailments they purchase the high CBD tincture for are anxiety, pain, aggression, and inflammation.

Why do you include THC in all the Dr. May Formulas?
We have 3 formulas available – Focus, Balance and Relax. All formulas include THC. THC and CBD work best in combination. CBD without any THC does not interact with your body’s receptors effectively; even just a small amount of THC in a CBD product allows it to be absorbed and utilized in your body. CBD products that contain less than 20% THC typically do not cause any psychoactive effects.
How do I know which formula is right for me?
Focus Formula 1:20 THC:CBD

  • Non-psychoactive
  • High CBD Formula
  • Most commonly used for anxiety, depression, inflammation and overall well being

Balance Formula 1:1 THC:CBD

  • Mildly psychoactive
  • Equal parts THC and CBD
  • Most commonly used for pain relief, inflammation, and those seeking an all over calming, happy sensation

Relax Formula 20:1 THC:CBD

  • Most psychoactive formula
  • High THC formula
  • Most commonly used for pain relief, sleep disorders and by those seeking a psychoactive full body effect
Do you have a price list?

Yes! The price list can be found in the footer of the website and is password protected. Any CA licensed retailer can request the password and register as a dispensary partner under the link titled Price Book located in the footer of the website. 

Do you have a media kit?

After your dispensary has samples of our products in hand, you can download our media kit which has high resolution images of all of our products. This makes it super easy to upload the products right to the online menu to start generating interest right away. The media kit can be accessed in the footer of the website – simply click the link to download the media kit folder or shoot us an email and we are happy to send it over.

Are you on social media?

Heck yeah, would love for you to give us a follow! Instagram: @dr.mayorganics / Facebook:

What is the shelf life of our products?

All Dr. May tinctures and lozenges have a best by date of one year from manufacturing. All Dr. May topicals have a best by date of 2 years from manufacturing. All cannabis products are best stored in a cool and dark space. 

Do you have a minimum order?

Our preferred minimum wholesale order for distribrution by our partners at Lowell Farms is $1000. Any order less than the minimum may have delayed delivery.