Dr. MAY Wholesale

Partner Promise

Meaningful relationships and the pursuit of excellence are the heart of everything we do at Dr. May. We aim to provide the best product quality and consistency, the best customer experience and the best marijuana wholesale California relationship with our retail partners. If you have questions, comments or feedback, we are always eager to learn how we can improve and grow together.

Selling Through Guarantee

8We provide estimated order quantities for retailers based on 30-day demand data, so retailers can easily understand how much to order for a one month supply. If your order of Dr. May products does not sell within 180 days, we’ll offer a credit back on that inventory. Plus, we want to see you once a month so we can catch up and give you a big hug.

Rapid Support

In today’s rapidly evolving cannabis industry, customers have unique questions and preferences about the products they purchase. Our team is available to respond to questions by email, seven days per week, so you can recommend Dr. May products to your customers with confidence that they will be supported in their decision.

Swag For Your Team

We provide groovy apparel for your customers and staff. Our hearts just melt when we walk into a dispensary and see the whole team outfitted in Dr. May apparel.

Samples For Your Team

We provide your dispensary with a variety of samples based on your order size. We provide ongoing samples of new products so your team and customers are always able to try new products and allow us to all grow together.

Educational Events

Forming a new relationship is all about trust and education. We conduct a one hour team training session for each new wholesale partner. Each quarter, we hold additional staff training sessions to share new knowledge and exchange feedback with your team. Request an additional team training session from the Dr. May team any special time you like.