As we head into 2023, nearly two in three Americans live in a state where cannabis has been legalized for either medical or adult use. The cannabis industry is evolving rapidly and spreading like wildfire. Medical marijuana is now legal in 36 states, and available recreationally in 21 states to those aged 21 or older. 


Country-wide legalization looms in the near future as new and positive health-related information surrounding the plant continues to pop up daily. State legalizations aren’t expected to let up anytime soon either. Currently, several states have already proposed and introduced legislation for the legalization of medical and adult-use marijuana across the country. 


What Does This Mean For People Who Want To Try Or Start A Cannabis Regimen? 


Although more positive light has been shed on cannabis than ever before, if you’re considering cannabis use in your daily life—consulting a medical professional about cannabis use is more important than ever. 


Your doctor is there to help you alleviate your symptoms and work with you if you think cannabis might be right for you. If you live in a state where you have access to medical and or recreational cannabis, talking to your physician is legal and recommended before starting to self-medicate. The important takeaways are to be prepared, ask questions, and be 100% transparent with your physician. 


Prepare For Your Visit 


First and foremost, even though you’re planning to talk with a medical professional, always do some research beforehand. Prepare questions, a focus for your treatment, and an existing conditions list for your physician to easier figure out information and what might work best for you.  


Some common questions to ask your healthcare professional about cannabis might consist of: 


  • How Can Cannabis Products Help With Or Manage My Health Issue?
  • What Is The Best Way For Me To Consume Cannabis?
  • What Are Some Of The Side Effects Of Cannabis And Its Products?
  • What Are Some Things I Should Avoid Doing When Consuming Cannabis? How Much Is Too Much?



Furthermore, your doctor should know what other medications you’ve tried or are using. If visiting your doctor is stressful for you, it may be a good idea to write down questions and be prepared to be fully transparent during your visit. 


During Your Visit: Transparency Is Key


Luckily, there’s no need to worry. Every doctor-patient conversation is confidential. It’s key to discuss with your doctor what and why you want to use cannabis for treatment—especially if you’ve experimented in the past. Every aspect should be clear to your doctor to make the visit as smooth and painless as possible. 


When the time comes, be honest and explain why you are interested in cannabis, and what your healthcare professional’s opinion is on cannabis. 


Do All Doctors Want To Talk About Cannabis? 


As you’re fully transparent with your healthcare professional, they’re going to do the same for you. Taking a step back to our first takeaway—always be prepared, even for bad news. It’s always a possibility that your doctor might not know enough about cannabis, nor be fully confident to think that cannabis is the appropriate treatment for you. 


A doctor feeling apprehensive about prescribing or recommending cannabis use for their patients is completely normal and their opinion should always be respected. There’s always the possibility that their practice does not allow them to recommend treatment. Whatever the reason may be, it’s okay to walk away and find another doctor who is more willing to take on medical cannabis as part of your treatment regimen.



Having knowledge of the effects of cannabis is the first step to knowing if a cannabis regimen might be right for you. Find out the medical benefits of cannabis from a healthcare professional, what new studies surround the plant, and what the best approach, form, or method of cannabis consumption is right for you. Let your doctor know your daily habits, schedule, and current job as they’ll be able to more easily recommend the correct products for you. 


Here are a few websites that could help narrow down your search and get you started to find out if cannabis treatment may be right for you!




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