Hi Dr. May readers! Today, we’re excited to share a blog-style interview with our very own Meghan Muckenfuss by Canvas Rebel below – enjoy!


We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Meghan Muckenfuss. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Meghan below.


Meghan , appreciate you joining us today. What was it like going from idea to execution? Can you share some of the backstory and some of the major steps or milestones?


The match that lit my fire in the California cannabis industry was when I was introduced to a few gentleman in 2011 that offered me the opportunity to become their infused cannabis baker for a few medical cannabis delivery services out of San Diego. The deal was, they supplied the plant material, half of which I got to keep, and I infused products for their services. This started the R&D process of developing different infusion and extraction methods, and launched my journey in cannabis innovation. These delivery services closed their doors after about 18 months but that didn’t stop us. My life and business partner Kyle and I started our own delivery service in San Diego where we were primarily delivering the products I was making and the flower we were cultivating. We built our patient population by focusing on education, compassionate care and the highest standards in product quality, becoming one of the first and only brands to offer lab tested, pesticide free infused products. In 2014, after multiple requests for our products from other retail stores, we launched a wholesale product line that was carried throughout California, today called Dr. May. Dr. May is named after the 3 strong women that own and operate the brand (Meghan, Amy and Yazi). Dr. May creates award winning cannabis infused topicals and tinctures that are vegan, gluten free and non-gmo.

Meghan , love having you share your insights with us. Before we ask you more questions, maybe you can take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers who might have missed our earlier conversations?

My journey through the California cannabis industry started back in 2011 when I began creating homemade cannabis products for prohibition-era dispensaries in San Diego. Through research, trial and error, patient interactions, and industry experience, we fine-tuned our homemade products and launched our brand in 2014, now called Dr. May. We pioneered a quality standard in cannabis products by ensuring use of pesticide-free cannabis oils and accurate label claims during a time when most infused product brands were not holding themselves to the same standards. Dr. May’s products have earned shelf space in over 130 dispensaries throughout California as a result of this integrity.

Dr. May (named after the 3 strong women that own and operate the brand) creates a line of premium odorless and flavorless cannabis-infused tinctures and award-winning topical products. Our three iconic formulas, Focus (20:1 CBD: THC), Balance (1:1 CBD: THC), and Relax (1:20 CBD: THC) were designed to give consumers the most effective ratios on their journey to homeostasis. Whether you want to go on a hike, relieve your back pain, or get energized for the day we have you covered.

Meet our team:


Meghan Muckenfuss – Founder & Chief Product Developer and the M in Dr. May. Meghan has been in the cannabis industry for over 10 years creating premium award-winning cannabis products that are consistent, highly effective, vegan, organic, and environmentally friendly. She is an expert chef and baker focusing on organic, vegan, and gluten-free specialties that are good for the body and tantalizing to your taste buds.

Amy Marie Fairchild. MSCAM, IHP – Director of Brand Partnership and the A in Dr. May.

Amy is passionate about plant medicine and holds a master’s in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and an Integrative Health Practitioner Certification. She marries 20+ years of marketing experience with her knowledge of plant medicine and love of holistic modalities.

Meet Yazmine Gingras better known to everyone as Yazi-brand relationship guru & educator and the Y in Dr. May.

Yazi is a prominent figure in the California rap scene and has been working within the cannabis industry for over 10 years and was Dr. May’s first employee over 7 years ago. She is a CBD enthusiast and is committed to educating others on cannabis.

What do you think helped you build your reputation within your market?

Quality, Education and Compassionate Care. This is what set us apart and what built our cannabis community. Our patients showed us the true meaning of compassionate care and the miracles we have at our fingertips. It quickly became evident how crucial it was to maintain our values in this industry and set the bar high for quality, consistency and providing lab tested clean products for our consumers.

Can you share a story from your journey that illustrates your resilience?

If I could pick one word to describe a cannabis industry entrepreneur it would be resilient. Navigating through the cannabis space with its ever changing regulations, extreme taxation and lack of governmental support and education, anyone still remaining in the space is 100% resilient. We are all here fighting, day to day, week after week, and giving our all to support the plant that has the power to change people’s lives.

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