Balance Formula Topical Balm

Dr. May’s Balance Formula Topical Balm is made with all organic shea nut butter, organic virgin coconut oil, sunflower derived tocobiol (vitamin E), organic eucalyptus oil and organic lavender oil, Dr. May’s simple approach to a topical cannabis balm provides soothing, calming relief to localized areas on the body. Expect to feel the effects in 15-30 minutes lasting approximately 4 hours. Our topicals are non-transdermal so feel free to reapply as needed throughout the day for continuous relief with a clear mind.

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4 reviews for Balance Formula Topical Balm

  1. Susan

    So creamy, yet not greasy. Goes on smooth and takes my muscle aches away within 15 minutes. I am hooked – I love this balm.

  2. K James

    This is amazing! I have tried a lot of products for my chronic pain and nothing comes close to this. But the true test has been the pain of a double mastectomy. I don’t know what I would do without it. A little bit goes a long way. Definitely worth a try!

  3. Eva M Johnson

    I am 75 years old and have experienced joint and nerve pain in my back and hip for years. I’ve had shots in my back and hip joint to relieve the pain and nothing seems to help. My sister found your product at a local cannabis store and decided to try it. I was skeptical at first but was hurting so bad I said “what the hell” and decided to try it. well let me tell you the almost immediate relief made me a believer. For the first time in years I have several hours of pain free movement with no back or hip pain and the cream doesn’t interfere with my other medications and IT works wonders. Thank you

  4. Amy F

    Yay! Thank you for letting us know. We love to hear how our products are helping customers! Be Well and keep in touch.

  5. michael lloyd wallace

    can I buy your 100 THC / 100 CBD balm directly without going through a dispensary here in california? Do you ship in unmarked discreet packages? Does this product promote cell growth? As smoking indica promotes cell growth in the hypocampus.

  6. Amy F

    Unfortunately, due to the current cannabis regulations, our products can be purchased only via licensed dispensaries within the state of California.

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