Relax Formula Topical Balm

Dr. May’s Relax Formula Topical balm is made with all organic shea nut butter, organic virgin coconut oil, sunflower derived tocobiol (vitamin E), organic eucalyptus oil and organic lavender oil, Dr. May’s simple approach to a topical cannabis balm provides soothing, calming relief to local areas on the body. Expect to feel the effects in 15-30 minutes lasting approximately 4 hours. Our topicals are non-transdermal so feel free to reapply as needed throughout the day for continuous relief with a clear mind.

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5 reviews for Relax Formula Topical Balm

  1. Alan

    Best way to relax after a long day of exercise. I like to rub it into my sore spots after a long run. It dulls the soreness and makes recovery much more manageable.

  2. Pamela

    This is the only product that works consistently for my restless legs. I suffered for 20+ years until I tried this product.

  3. Satisfied customer

    I have HS and was on Humira for a few months hoping to get some relief. After almost 6 months, I wasn’t finding much relief. I also wasn’t too comfortable with the fact that I had to be on it for the rest of my life not to mention lowering my immune system. I did some research and read that CBD products worked. Let me just say I’m in my 2nd week and have been seeing results! I rub some topical balm on the affected areas 2-3 times a day.

  4. Amy F

    This makes us so happy! Thank you for trusting our products to help you. Please stay in touch.
    Dr. Raw

  5. Judith Anne West

    Excellent product,it really helps with my arthritis pain and I need to reorder it now

  6. Melissa

    I’ve tried other topicals that were really high rated. Went to the store to ask for a patch and the budtender suggested this. I have terrible issues with my knees and was walking all day…pain is GONE right now. Arthritis in my hand feels better. (Spouse and adult daughter used it today as well for their owies and they feel better too.
    Heading back to the store tomorrow to get more so I don’t have to run out anytime soon. THANK YOU for the relief.

  7. Amy F

    Thank you so much for sharing this! We love hearing how our products help improve our customers’ quality of life.

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