THC is one of more than 100 chemical compounds that make up the cannabis plant. It’s known for its psychoactive properties and sought after for its ability to stimulate dopamine release and relieve chronic pain in the human body. However, not everyone is a fan of the “high” it produces. This leads many to seek CBD only formulas in order to treat their ailments. The problem with CBD only formulas is that they lack the THC needed to properly bond with the receptors in the human body. Science tells us that the cannabinoid compounds within the cannabis plant work together better than apart. THC needs to be a part of the equation to get the full spectrum of results that cannabis has to offer.

CBD Negates Psychoactivity of THC

Most commonly, new cannabis consumers will first say they are only interested in using CBD oils that contain no THC,  but it is important to know that some THC is essential to receive the benefits of cannabis oil.  Understandably, people want to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC. It is still entirely possible to consume cannabis oil that has THC and avoid the psychoactive effects.   Generally, combining THC with CBD will negate it’s psychoactivity if the formula is 1:4 THC:CBD or higher. When CBD is the dominant cannabinoid in a cannabis oil, the euphoric effects begin to dissipate as more CBD is introduced. Cannabis experts suggest keeping a bottle of CBD dominant oil handy if you’re concerned about feeling “high”. Adding CBD dominant oils to your system when feeling high, will work to counteract the euphoric effects and restore a more normal feeling. 

Full Spectrum vs Isolation

There are typically two schools of thought for how cannabis oils are made: Full spectrum and isolation. The full spectrum technique preserves many of the natural characteristics of the cannabis plant such as its aromatic terpenes and other natural plant oils. Some folks enjoy these natural elements but they must accept some variance in the consistency in the cannabis oil because the presence of those elements will vary. For example, the THC might be higher or lower from batch to batch making it difficult to dial in the perfect dose. Advanced extraction techniques can now isolate CBD and THC to separate them from the other variables in a cannabis extract. By isolating cannabinoids, we can now create more exact and consistent products than ever before.  These precise formulas are aimed at promoting certain feelings and outcomes in the human body and avoiding others. By using precise, isolated cannabis extracts, we can now design a product, with certainty, that will produce no psychoactive effects and will provide a focused, uplifting feeling for folks that seek those specific effects. This can help people feel more comfortable about incorporating THC into their treatment protocol and begin to understand that THC is a necessary element in a quality cannabis oil. For folks that desire a more euphoric, mood altering experience, we can design a formula for that with certainty as well. Dr. Raw has three effective tincture formulas to choose from that promote wellness through the synergistic relationship between CBD and THC.

The Only Entourage You’ll Ever Need  

Even though CBD and THC have unique therapeutic qualities, CBD:THC combo formulas are proven to be more effective and generally have the best customer feedback. Again, this is because the two compounds need each other to properly bond to the cannabinoid receptors in the human body. This chemical reaction can only happen when both compounds are present. Without THC, CBD hovers around the receptors throughout our body, but has very little interaction with those receptors. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding THC-Free CBD oils made from the male hemp plant. Because hemp based CBD products are currently unregulated, the advertising claims of a lot of hemp CBD companies are very misleading about the benefits of hemp based CBD. Be very cautious about claims you might see that say hemp CBD products cure pain, epilepsy, cancer, etc. These claims are floating around the internet and are, for the most part, untrue. Therefore, THC is just as essential to a good cannabis oil formulation as CBD. When the two compounds are working together, an entourage effect occurs. This reaction enhances the therapeutic qualities and turns each compound into the best version of itself. In turn, the cannabis oil becomes pure medicine.