It’s been nearly a year since Californian’s voted in favor of Prop 64 and legalized recreational marijuana statewide. New cannabis products have since flooded the market, making it likely that there’s a product suited for just about anyone’s needs. Visit any dispensary and meet with a variety of options from flower to cannabis tinctures, edibles, and balms. Cannabis tinctures stand out as being the most versatile, therefore they are becoming very popular as a cannabis delivery system. Cannabis infused tinctures can be used topically on the skin, sublingually under the tongue and used to cook with. 

The Versatility of Cannabis Tinctures

Unlike smoking cannabis, using it in a tincture form results in no side effects and a lot of versatility. Whereas smoking cannabis can be a 3-hour roller coaster, tinctures have a prolonged effect lasting 4-6 hours, sometimes longer depending on activity level. This is better for folks looking for sustained relief over a long period of time to treat conditions like chronic pain, sleep issues, crohn’s disease and many others. There is certainly nothing wrong with smoking if that is what you fancy. Smoking cannabis is the delivery method with the fastest onset time – almost instant. Tinctures, however, can provide rapid onset times as well due to their ability to enter your body by way of the sublingual glands under the tongue. When medicine is applied through the sublingual glands by being held in the mouth for 1-2 minutes, the effects are typically felt within 10 minutes. 

Dr. Raw has created formulas with low, medium, and high THC content. The Focus Formula is a 1:20 THC:CBD ratio. The Balance Formula is a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio.  Check out our post where we break down each of these formulas and explain the effects of each one. Dr. Raw’s cannabis oils have been ultra-distilled to remove the cannabis taste and odors, which further purifies the beneficial cannabinoids, THC and CBD. The convenient dropper bottle and light coconut flavor make them an easy and pleasant way to consume cannabis.

New to Cannabis?

In addition to being convenient and versatile, tinctures are a good introduction to the world of cannabis. Cannabis tinctures provide a way to precisely control dosage, achieve fast results, and avoid side effects that may be associated with smoking. Thus eliminating some of the main concerns related to initially trying a cannabis product.

Other benefits of the cannabis tincture include its portability, lack of odor, and an assortment of specialized formulas aimed at relieving a variety of ailments. Look for Dr. Raw Tinctures during your next visit to the dispensary or ask them to contact Dr. Raw and become a Dispensary Partner.