All of the Therapeutic Benefits Sans the High

Cannabis infused topicals won’t get you high and that’s one of the reasons why they are gaining in popularity among all types of people. The cannabinoids in topical marijuana never make it to the bloodstream due to the medicine being activated at the skin membrane. Therefore, folks get all of the therapeutic benefits sans the high. Emerging as a front-runner in the race to market, topical marijuana vies for shelf space at the dispensary alongside vape cartridges and cannabis edibles. These products take the form of cannabis-infused salves, oils, and balms that can be applied to the skin to provide localized relief from a variety of ailments. A benefit of the cannabis-infused topical is that it is absorbed into the skin for targeted relief of the affected area, avoiding the “whole body” or “head high” experience of smoking or consuming cannabis in an edible form.

Benefits of Topical Marijuana

Patients have reported relief from chronic pain syndrome, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, dermatitis and a variety of other medical conditions while using topicals. In simple terms, CBD is great at treating inflammation and THC is great at treating pain. Pairing these two active ingredients together in a topical marijuana form makes for a great pain relief product. People seeking relief from conditions causing inflammation or irritation might consider a topical with a high CBD concentration. People seeking topical marijuana for localized pain relief might consider a high THC concentration. There are also 1:1 topical formulas that have equal parts THC and CBD that provide a great balance of both active ingredients. 

Does Topical Marijuana Make you High?

Technically yes it could, if you ate it, but hopefully no one is eating cannabis-infused topicals. Because the topical form of using cannabis is applied directly to the skin, it does not enter your bloodstream and cause euphoria like other forms of medicating with cannabis such as smoking or consuming marijuana edibles. Consumers have reported a warm, tingly sensation throughout the body, but the psychoactivity that comes from consuming cannabis internally is typically not felt. 

Types on the Market

There are several different forms of topical marijuana including balms, lotions, ointments and patches. A balm or salve type application may be best for deep tissue aches and pains that need massaging of the skin in a localized area. A lotion application may be best for skin conditions that require a thinner consistency product that is able to be applied across a larger area such as sunburn or dermatitis. Ointments and oils are a great application method for use topically because they are very effective at penetrating the skin in an oil form. Some oils are even used in the bedroom for sexy-time applications ? Lastly, patches are a great way to treat specific areas of pain or skin conditions because they can provided extended periods of relief by slowly emitting the medicine to the localized area over a long period of time.

Cannabis-Infused Topical Balm by Dr. Raw

Dr. Raw is prepared for the increase in demand and recently announced the passing lab test results for their line of amazing cannabis-infused topical balms. You can ask for the three formulas (Relax, Balance, and Focus) at your local dispensary which are made with organically sourced ingredients, healing, and relaxation in mind. 

Cannabis culture is evolving and a plethora of amazing products are coming to market every day that are a viable alternative to the traditional Western medicine model. Cannabis-infused topicals, in particular, have helped to introduce the benefits of cannabis to those who don’t want to smoke or eat marijuana. Therefore, providing the promise of relief to those who suffer.