Are all cannabis products created equal?

We spend a lot of time in our dispensary accounts educating current and future cannabis pioneers. As the legal use of cannabis allows the stigmas to fade away and the science based benefits to come into the light, consumers are becoming more curious about their options. Due to the strict regulations that cannabis brands must adhere to, the products have become quite similar in design. 

Often, we hear customers at the counter ask “What’s different about this product over that one?”.  Our team at Dr. Raw has worked hard to make our products differentiated from our competitors and better for you. We started making cannabis products in 2012 with a focus on improving our products through customer feedback. Whenever a customer had feedback about our products, we would go back to the lab and create something better using customer feedback. Today, what separates Dr. Raw products from our competitors is a unique, sophisticated extraction process, paired with high-quality organic, non-gmo and vegan ingredients. Let’s dive in and learn more about what we call ‘The Dr. Raw Difference’.

It starts with the right cannabis oil.

 Most cannabis brands use a cannabis oil that is of subpar quality. When you use a cannabis oil that is of lower quality, a lot of undesirable elements are left in the extraction such as chlorophyll, plant fats and plant waxes. At Dr. Raw, we put our cannabis oil through additional levels of purification, known as distillation, to remove the undesirable elements and purify our cannabis oils. We call our cannabis oil ‘ultra-distilled cannabis oil’. We remove the terpene profile in our cannabis oil making Dr. Raw products free of the green, skunky cannabis taste and odor that many consumers do not desire.  Using these sophisticated extraction techniques also allows us to achieve ultimate consistency, batch after batch.


The Dr. Raw Difference

In addition to clean cannabis oil, Dr. Raw has committed to using only premium quality ingredients in all our formulas. Dr. Raw uses all certified organic, vegan, non-gmo and and gluten-free ingredients in our products. Our shea butter-based balm has a smooth, buttery texture that is smooth and non-greasy.  You can rub the Dr. Raw balm right into your skin and it will absorb into the skin and leave a soft, smooth surface. The smell is of light lavender and eucalyptus gives a subtle essence that is enjoyable to experience. Competitors of Dr. Raw often need to add overwhelming amounts of essential oils to mask the smell of the subpar cannabis oil used to make their products. Furthermore, with Dr. Raw products there is no need to add overpowering menthol or other fragrances, to counteract the smell of cannabis. Observe a Dr. Raw product next to our competitors and you will find that the Dr. Raw product has a smooth, silky, white appearance and the competitor products are often greasy, green and clumpy. 

A better cannabis topical

All of the things we have discussed in this post, are the result of many years of trial and error based on great customer feedback.  Using these advanced techniques to design Dr. Raw cannabis products are what make our topical unique and differentiated from our competitors. Most competitor products have a green tint and a pungent cannabis smell. For topical cannabis applications, most folks do not want a green, skunky smelling topical to apply to their skin. Based on customer feedack, most folks are looking for something discrete and odorless that they can apply to their skin and go about their day feeling great and smelling fresh. Thats why we’ve designed our Dr. Raw topical formulas to be clean, clear and odorless.  

Finally, we recommend to most consumers to conduct their own comparisons.  Make sure to note; the size of the container, the total amount of cannabis contained in the product, and the price. Do not assume that you must pay more to get more.  

Want to learn more about Dr. Raw products?

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