Cannabis edibles are growing in popularity. They provide an alternative way to enjoy the benefits that cannabis has to offer without smoking or inhaling vapor. Edibles can be foods or beverages that contain a specific amount of cannabis in each serving and include such things as gummies, hard candies, chocolates, baked goods, granola, coffee, infused water, and more.

Just like other forms of cannabis, people use edibles for a wide variety of reasons. Depending upon the cannabis used, the edible can help you relax, ease pain, or boost your energy. For some people, however, edibles just don’t seem to work. 

There’s Not Enough Cannabiscannabis cookies

One of the main reasons why cannabis edibles might not work for you is because there just isn’t enough cannabis in the dosage you’re taking. Some individuals require higher doses than others to obtain the desired effect. If you’re not getting the desired effect from a single dose, try gradually increasing how much you consume. 

Another issue is that you might be using the wrong type of edible. Not all edibles are the same. The type of cannabis in the edible matters. Certain strains of cannabis are higher in THC while others are higher in CBD. The wrong ratio may impact your experience and cause you to not feel the effects that you were hoping for. 

Your Body Metabolizes the THC Too Quickly

Edibles work differently than other types of cannabis. Whereas smoking, vaping, and placing tinctures under your tongue allow the cannabis to absorb directly into your bloodstream, edibles need to be digested first. THC is metabolized in your liver before being dispersed into your bloodstream. The enzymes in your liver play a significant role in your response to different cannabinoids. Having higher or lower CYP enzymes alter the rate of metabolism and may even mean that THC isn’t metabolized at all. 

You’re Taking the Edible on an Empty Stomach

For some, edibles may cause them to feel something, but it isn’t the effect they were hoping for. Instead of feeling relaxed, you might feel incredibly anxious. One of the biggest reasons for this might be because you’re taking the edible on an empty stomach. While it still takes longer to hit your system than smoking or vaping, consuming an edible with nothing else in your stomach can cause the THC to hit you more quickly than if you eat beforehand and cause unwanted effects. 

If you’re taking edibles on an empty stomach and getting the opposite of the desired effects, you might want to try eating a good meal and drinking plenty of water beforehand. Doing so slows the absorption and can help to keep you from getting overwhelmed by THC. 

It Just May Not Be Suitable for You

For some, edibles simply just don’t work no matter what they do. Just like certain types of conventional medications don’t work for everyone, cannabis edibles just don’t work for everyone. Instead, you may want to consider trying a different type of cannabis. If you don’t want to smoke or vape, you could try a tincture. 

While cannabis edibles can be an effective way for many people to enjoy the effects of cannabinoids without smoking or vaping, they’re not necessarily for everyone. If you’re not getting the desired effects from your edibles, speak with your dispensary for tips or to find something else that can help suit your needs.