Passing Cannabis Edibles Lab Tests IS as Tough as You Thought it Would Be

Prop 64 passed in November 2016 and prompted California lawmakers to draft the policy to implement recreational cannabis. In addition, new laws ensure that health and safety standards are paramount to the process. In so far as, creating a rigorous mandate for passing cannabis edibles lab tests. California state law now requires a certified third-party to test all cannabis products sold commercially for dose reliability and safety. In addition, the cannabis testing labs must also hold a local permit to do business. They can only hold a cannabis testing lab license to be considered certified third-party. Therefore, they are prohibited from holding any other kind of cannabis license.

Three Phase Process

These tests will be introduced in three phases with each building on the requirements of its predecessor. New laws stipulate mandatory testing of all cannabis products. They test cannabinoids, foreign material, heavy metals, microbial impurities, mycotoxins, moisture content and water activity, residual pesticides, residual solvents and processing chemicals. As for terpenoids and homogeneity, they are tested on a case by case basis. The third phase of the testing implementation is expected to be completed by December 31, 2018. Any cannabis companies that come online after that will be subject to the same grueling standards.

The Magic 10%

Initially, the goal of lab testing is to determine, with relative accuracy, the potency of the cannabis product. According to California state law, the average potency of the servings within the product must fall within 10 percent of companies published potency levels, and the deviation of all samples provided must be less than 10 percent. Furthermore, with this standard in place, the consumer can trust that the printed label is an accurate representation of the product itself. Dr. Raw Organics had recent success with the second round, passing cannabis edibles lab tests with their line of cannabis-infused tinctures. This is great news! It means that those products are now clear for sale and coming to a dispensary near you

Lab Tested and Clean

The California state cannabis lab testing requirements are detailed and extensive. Meanwhile, they aim to ensure that the safest and cleanest cannabis product goes to market. One example of this is the language used to address pesticides in the new cannabis testing requirements that states “The laboratory shall report the levels detected in parts per million (ppm) to 3 significant figures in the certificate of analysis. If a sample is found to contain pesticides above the allowable amount listed in the tables in subsection (b), the sample “fails” pesticide testing. If the sample fails pesticide testing, the batch fails laboratory testing and may not be released for retail sale.” Ultimately, passing the cannabis edibles lab tests means that you have a superior product that has been accurately measured for dose and a variety of quality standards.

Lastly, consumers need to understand that all of this testing is costly. As described by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control analysis that estimates the added cost to be $407 per pound of product. The cannabis companies that make it to the shelf have undergone a gauntlet of obstacles to get there.  Ultimately, this should bring peace of mind to cannabis consumers.