Dr. May is now SHEowns™ certified! As the rise of gender equality in the workplace, emboldening our woman-owned business to take the next step towards this has been one of our primary focuses. The SHEowns certification will continue to support our goal of serving our business and our consumers equally around the globe.  


The “SHEowns Certified” Purpose and Mission


Simply put, the SHEowns™ mark is designed to recognize and highlight companies that are equally or majority owned by women—just like Dr. May. 

Even though ~49% of all businesses in the United States are either majority owned or equally co-owned by women, those businesses only see ~4% of revenues and hire ~8% of employees. By supporting the ~49% of businesses, SHEowns aims to increase those percentages and, it is estimated, increase the global GDP by approximately $12 trillion a year.


Standing Out In The Cannabis Industry With “The SHEmark”


In the current cannabis industry, consumers and customers are looking to support companies that care about bettering the world.


As a business operating with full gender equality, we all deserve to be proud of its impact on the world and the economy. Historically, it’s been (and remains) really difficult to hire and promote gender equity. SHEmark looks to showcase and celebrate our woman-owned and operated pride.


Learn More About The SHE Certification 


As the rise in popularity of certification marks grows, we wanted to let you know why getting SHE Certified is the right move for any company that is practicing gender equality—whether in ownership, leadership, and/or creative roles.


The mark not only builds and maintains trust and brings validity to our business standards, but is devoted to seeing and honoring the individual human being in everyone, through connection, recognition, and representation. This mark brings about a positive and lasting impact on both the planet and the economy—because our collective future depends on it.


You can learn more about how becoming SHE certified incorporates values into every aspect of your business here.