What makes the best cannabis tincture?

In California, cannabis tinctures can be a maximum of 1000mg. New cannabis regulations have driven a lot of cannabis manufacturers to produce products that are very similar to each other. So when you see a bunch of tinctures on the shelf that all look quite similar, how do you know what makes them different from one another? At Dr. Raw, we have created an educational series called ‘The Dr. Raw difference’ to discuss what separates Dr. Raw products from the rest of the tinctures on the shelf at dispensaries. 

The main ingredient: Cannabis oil

Producing cannabis oil is a complex and dynamic scientific process. The process involves taking the cannabis plant matter, grinding it up into a powder and then extracting the desired oils from the plant matter. This can be done using a variety of methods to produce a variety of results ranging from low quality cannabis oil to an ultra-purified, high quality cannabis oil. 

Most cannabis tincture manufacturers use oil extraction methods that result in potency levels around 75-85% which results in an oil that is green or amber in color. This lower quality oil leaves undesirable smells and tastes behind in the cannabis oil extraction. Specifically, the undesirable elements are chlorophyll, plant fats and plant waxes.  A versatile product like a cannabis tincture can be used in a variety of ways: sublingually under the tongue, topically on the skin or added to food or beverages. In most of these cases, consumers feedback led us to create our products with ultra-distilled cannabis oils resulting in a clear, tasteless, odorless product. 

The best cannabis tincture deserves the best ingredients

Dr. Raw’s commitment to using only certified organic, vegan, non-gmo and gluten-free ingredients also creates a distinguished level of product quality not found in other products. Certified organic ingredients are typically 50-75% higher cost than non-organic ingredients. In our experience, we have done testing and found non-organic ingredients commonly used in cannabis products to contain trace levels of pesticides quite often. After much testing over the years, we found alarming results in most cannabis products being sold in California. Ever since, our mission at Dr. Raw has always been to create the absolute cleanest products available. 

Want to learn more about Dr. Raw products?

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