Learn how you can improve sleep with this easy THC infused tea. Sleep is the only time your body can restore itself, the brain stores new information and gets rid of toxic waste,nerve cells communicate and reorganize,the body repairs cells, restores energy.  During increased stress or illness, sleep is vital for recovery.  Dr. Raw realizes the importance of quality sleep and wanted to include this easy THC infused sleep tea recipe.  Dr. Raw is here to help people stay healthy and by Creating the Dr. Raw Health & Wellness video series we can share easy, at home, D.I.Y health boosting recipes and tips.

Improve Sleep With This Easy THC Infused Ritual

Meghan Muckenfuss, the co-founder of Dr. Raw Organics incorporates the Dr. Raw Relax formula (20:1 THC: CBD) tincture, with a warm cup of Chamomile tea with citrus in the evening approximately one hour before your desired bedtime. Since we use ultra-distilled cannabis oil in all Dr. Raw products, making it odorless and flavorless, pairing our Dr. Raw Relax formula tincture (20:1 THC:CBD) with any beverage or food is easy and palatable.

Essential Oils For Sleep

First, it is important to set the atmosphere for a good night’s sleep. We recommend incorporating an essential oil diffuser in your bedroom. Selecting oils that help relax and clean the air can be very beneficial. We suggest diffusing organic lavender oil to increase relaxation, organic tea tree, eucalyptus and sage oils to clean and purify the air.  We recommend turning on your essential oil diffuser approximately one hour before bedtime.

Prepare the THC Infused Tea

Secondly, when you want to start getting ready for sleep, prepare your evening THC infused tea. Simply, heat your spring water, grab your favorite teacup, insert one organic chamomile tea bag, the juice of half an organic lemon or orange, grate fresh ginger, add the hot water and let steep for 2-5 mins. Add your nightly dose of Dr. Raw Relax Formula tincture and stir. We recommend a nightly dose of 10 mg-20 mg depending on your tolerance. Dosing is made easy with our calibrated droppers. Our tinctures are clear as water, odorless and flavorless.

Sip and Decompress

Lastly, put down your phone, get cozy in your room, listen to some peaceful music or read a book. Sip and decompress! Remember to incorporate this Dr. Raw THC infused tea – one hour before your preferred sleep time. Adding your Dr. Raw tinctures to beverages or food, will change the onset time and outcome to act more like an edible cannabis experience without all the sugar. Typical onset time is 45-90 minutes.
Everyone here at Dr. Raw hopes you and your family members are rested, well, and happy.