As cannabis’ influence continues to expand all over the country, so does our understanding of the plant’s effects and the wants and needs of the consumer. Every little compound in cannabis contributes to every strain’s benefits, effects, and flavor. With this in mind, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the huge number of therapeutic and wellness products on the cannabis market today.


Cannabis Support Through Different Methods Of Ingestion 


Due to the sheer quantity of therapeutic and wellness options on the market, pairing several products together is becoming a growing trend for full-body benefits. 

Here at Dr. May, we know how big of a staple multi-purpose use cannabis products are for our customers. The ability of those with fast-paced lifestyles to flexibly medicate quickly and reliably by any means (transdermally, non-transdermally, or even both) is huge and for many, getting your daily dose of cannabinoids is better done through multiple ingestion methods. 


Whether you love to smoke and munch on some edibles over a long weekend or ingest your favorite tincture while applying a sweet-smelling topical balm to hit your perfect moment of relaxation after a long day at work, there’s never a wrong answer when pairing products, especially when searching for high relief and low psychoactivity. 


Achieving The Effects We Want By Pairing Our Favorite Cannabis Products


So, although we’ve discovered that pairing products together is a delightful practice, why is it such an effective method?  

Pairing products is an effective way to obtain a high level of relief while maintaining the ability to control the level of psychoactive effects. Such as arthritic pain and inflammation—apply a balance balm topically and take a focus tincture sublingually for a higher level of pain relief with little to no psychoactive effects. Lack of sleep from anxiety? Try a balance tincture sublingually and apply a Dr. May topical to your neck and temples to de-stress and relax.


Choosing The Right Pairing With Dr. May: 3 Formulas For Your Well-Being


The different strains, consumption methods, and combinations will also change how a product delivers the benefits of its cannabinoids. You may need to experiment with a few options and speak with a professional to determine the best delivery method for your needs. If you’re ready to take the next step, look no further than the cleanest tinctures and topicals in cannabis here at Dr. May! Here are a few starter packs we recommend to get your journey started. 


  • Our Focus Formula was developed for soccer moms and folks on the go who want to experience a sense of well-being, with increased alertness. The Focus Formula is a 20:1 CBD: THC ratio, which causes little to no euphoric effect and a calm, focused feeling. The Focus Formula is for those who want to crush their to-do list or find relief from common ailments, without any of the ‘high’ or buzz.


  • Next, the Balance Formula is a favorite among Dr. May fans. In a 1:1 CBD: THC ratio, these two harmonious medicines provide a sensational experience that lifts mood and gives a calming sensation. Balance Formula is recommended for folks seeking pain relief, inspiration, playfulness, and happiness.


  • Last but not least, our Relax Formula is for those seeking a magical, sensory experience through its high THC formula, 1:20 CBD: THC. Enjoy a deeper state of relaxation with a touch of mental & physical euphoria. The Relax Formula is ideal for those seeking pain relief or helps with sleeping the whole night through.


To sum this up, pairing cannabis products may deliver a more well-rounded experience for our bodies and minds—not only due to the hundreds of different compounds the plant produces allowing products to work differently and synergically when combined, but the ability to hit on several different areas at once.